Terms & Conditions

Rules for the Discovery-Radio Chat box

1: Admins / Dj’s / Presenters / Members will conduct themselves in a proper manner.

2: NO Rude, Crude, Lewd, Racial, or foul language should be posted in the chat box we have members who are under 18 years of age and we are a family station. Also what would our Sponsors think of us!!

3: If you have a problem with a post/s in the chat box. Do not reply and enflame the problem report it to one of our admin team who will deal with the problem. Admin1@discovery-radio.co.uk

4: Admins will be your first contact if you have a problem. If the admins can’t help you they will contact the Head Admin or let you know how to contact the Head Admin.

5: The rules will be posted in Terms & Conditions.

6: Admin contact will be posted in Contact us

7: The Head Admin will have the final say over all matters and rules, their decision is final.

8: Everyone at Discovery-Radio will treat all staff, listeners & guests as you would like to be treated yourself.

9: No bad attitudes.

10: If you do not abide by the rules of the Chat box or any other of the Discovery-Radio rules you will get a warning. If it happens again you will be Banned from Discovery-Radio.